Efficient Kitchen Layout

When building a new home, there are a lot of things to think about, including the layout of the most important rooms in your home. While family rooms are usually fairly easy to arrange, it can be a little more challenging to design your kitchen layout. To achieve the greatest level of convenience while preparing food, there are steps to consider to efficiently arrange your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Design Steps

Organize Your Kitchen Zones

A kitchen typically has 5 basic zones: the food storage area, cleaning and waste area, food preparation area, pots and pans, and china and cutlery. It’s important to establish where you want each of these zones to be in your kitchen for maximum efficiency. Often, homeowners will put the food preparation and pots and pans zones next to each other because they are often accessed at the same time.

Use the Triangle Layout for Major Appliances

The refrigerator, sink, and stovetop/oven are typically thought of as the main appliances in a kitchen. To create an efficient working space, you may want to arrange them in a triangle pattern, where each leg of the triangle is anywhere between 4 feet and 9 feet long. This layout is very efficient because it allows you to move quickly and easily between all three stations as you cook and clean.

Install More Cabinets

Installing more cabinets usually requires major renovations. However, the cost and time involved with extra cabinet installation may be worth it if you currently need to store kitchen items in another room due to lack of space. Take advantage of using the best free kitchen design software on the Internet to figure out how many cabinets to add and how to arrange them to fit in your kitchen.

Make the Change

Creating a well-organized and convenient kitchen layout doesn’t have to be an overly difficult or cumbersome process, whether you’re building a new home or working with an existing space. By using any of the tips above or a combination of all three, you can maximize your kitchen into a highly efficient area to prepare and serve food for your family and guests.